What Are Mycorrhizal Fungi, And What Do They Do?

Mycorrhizae are tiny, soil-dwelling beneficial fungi that attach to the roots of plants. Myco means “fungus” in Latin, and rhiza means “root.” 

Fungi evolved to live on dry land before plants did, and mycorrhizae had a critical role to play in the introduction of terrestrial plants to the ecosystem.

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Over millions of years, mycorrhizal fungi and plants evolved to have a mutually beneficial relationship, called symbiosis. 

Wherever the mycorrhizae and plants are close to each other, the fungi will colonize the plant roots, connecting to the plant with hyphae, slender filaments that become extensions of the plant’s root system. 

Since the hyphae are numerous and tiny, they can reach many areas in the soil that the plant itself cannot access directly. When the soil closest to the plant is drained of nutrients, hyphae will continue to grow out further, in search of more nutrients and moisture. 

Then, the mycorrhizal fungi will bring nutrients and water back to the plant, which will, in turn, trade sugars and lipids that the plant had produced during photosynthesis.

How Do Mycorrhizal Fungi Benefit Plants?

95% of all plant species on Earth benefit from mycorrhizae in many different ways, including:

  • Providing greater resistance to drought conditions
  • Allowing plants to establish and root themselves faster
  • Mycorrhizal hyphae help the plant receive soil nutrients beyond the root network 
  • Increasing the absorption of nutrients by 50X
  • Makes efficient use of soil nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
  • The symbiosis with mycorrhizae lets the plant use water more effectively, giving it improved stress tolerance


Argo CFO Vermicasts (CSE: ARGO | OTCQB: ARLSF) contains arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, drawing on years of extensive research. This field-tested formula uses the enzymes from malt grains to make a fungal dominant casting where mycorrhizae can flourish and grow, thereby increasing plant growth and yield.


ARGO CFO Vermicasts are valued by growers because they add and facilitate:

  • Plant Growth and Vigor
  • Increased Nutrient Cycling
  • Increased Water Retention
  • Enhanced Soil Biology


Combined with this vibrant growing environment are organic amendments added to increase nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as well as other important micronutrients, creating a potent mix to further encourage rapid growth.


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