Argo first started as a company in 2018. The founder of the company is the horticulturalist Chad Diakow. He decided to finally share a living soil recipe he had been developing for well over a decade. 

We harness the natural fertilization, tilling, hydration and decomposition process in soil. These provide an environment that plants need to flourish. Argo Living Soils have created mixes perfect for both high-value crops and domestic plant life. Let’s learn more about Argo!

A reverse engineering process eventually led to Argo’s unique, flow-through Vermicast reactor and composting recipe. 

The reactor creates fungal-dominated worm castings. They ultimately provide the basis of our pre-decomposing system. 

We fuel this system with carefully chosen ingredients. It uses waste from other industries to create a value-added product. Moreover, it is highly effective in achieving optimal plant growth. 

Our worm feed includes organic dairy manure spent grains from breweries and tree byproducts. We specifically chose them for their ability to repress negative bacteria. 

The resulting mixture is perfect for worm digestion. It breaks down the fecal material down into small, nutrient rich pieces. This allows for maximum exchange between plants and soil.

There is also essentially a fungal block in the mixture. This effectively helps inoculate plants. Moreover, it dictates a faster, more stable growth cycle needless to chemical fertilization.       

Subsequently, we produce more plant exudates. This is basically the tradeoff that occurs between the sugars a plant makes and organisms in the soil. As a result, the plant is better equipped to receive the nutrients it needs to grow.   

Our soil undergoes a Mehlich-3 saturated paste test. It determines the soil’s nutrient contents, organic lime matter and cation exchange capacity (CEC). These tests have enabled us to design a nutrient baseline that is unique to our company.

Consequently, we can ensure a sustainable, complex living soil. With the help of this soil, you achieve natural, durable and optimum plant growth.


Chadley Diakow

Master Grower

Chad has always had a green thumb and a sixth sense for plant growth. He had a particular interest in soil biology. Therefore, he specifically began to produce nutrient dense and balanced growing mediums. His ultimate purpose is to deliver happy, healthy plants. He believes that they help grow happy, healthy people.  


Originating from Galiano Island, B.C, Chad became part of a community of horticulturalists. The community members has always been keen to share their knowledge and ideas with each other. They constantly exchanged their systems and recipes. Subsequently, they began to reap the benefits and achieve amazing growing results.   

Chad have perfected his recipe and distribution system during the time. As a result, he is happy to share his success with a much wider community. After years of trials, tests and fulfilling local requests, he improved living soil. His product has evolved to be available to micro and macro growers alike on a larger scale.     


Hector Diakow


Hector is a versatile, multi-disciplined consultant and entrepreneur. He has held positions ranging from bookkeeper to business manager. He was also a laborer to site coordinator and has served as a director in advertising sales and marketing.

His educational background is in the Sciences, Business Administration and Community Development. He has been involved with publicly traded, privately funded, not for profit and charitably funded groups and companies. These organizations have spanned heavy industry, construction, natural resources, media, corporate and leisure events and sport organizations.

The projects that align with his core values safe, sustainable and successful businesses motivate Hector. Therefore, Argo is a perfect fit for him. As a result, the company will benefit from his diverse background, years of experience and energy. 


Peter Hoyle


President of Antler Oil & Gas Development 2006 – present

He provided market development services to several bio-based businesses. Moreover, he has been working with traditional hydrocarbon based chemical sales through Quadra Chemical. They develop “niche” market opportunities for bio-based products including glycerin, methyl esters/biodiesel, fuel-ethanol. Activities in Construction, oil patch and pesticides are the main focus.

Peter worked as a market development consultant (2000- 2008) for a variety of chemical companies. Some of them are Dow Chemical, Recochem Inc., Sialco, DPL Services, C&N Ethanol , Whole Energy, Fuel-X, United Petroleum ( now Parkland Fuel).

He was the Senior Account Manager in Chemicals Imperial Oil (1987-2000). He provided sales and new product development coverage across Western Canada, PNW USA and Alaska. Pioneer sales function to the Agricultural Sector focused on Pesticide development.