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BioChar Basics

Nature’s Wonder

Close to 70% of the current applications for BioChar are in the agricultural sector. However, there are well over 50 applications across multiple sectors.

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Using CHAR+ BioChar in soil increases the soil’s ability to retain water, reducing the amount of water lost to runoff and evaporation. CHAR+BioChar acts like a sponge, making it a useful tool in arid climates and reducing the amount of water plants need to thrive.

CHAR+ BioChar improves soil texture and promotes root growth, which in turn helps to reduce soil compaction. Healthy soil structures provide more aeration and better drainage, allowing plant roots to expand and grow effectively.

The CHAR+ Biochar surface area acts like a sponge, retaining nutrients in the soil. This allows plants more time to absorb the necessary nutrients and helps protect the nutrients from being washed away, making them more available to plants over an extended period.

Enhanced Plant Growth

The addition of CHAR+ BioChar to the soil can help improve plant
yield and overall plant health. When plants grow in healthy soil,
they are more likely to produce bigger, healthier fruits and

CHAR+ BioChar absorbs and stores nutrients in the soil, making them
available for plants over time. This leads to improved nutrient
uptake and healthier, hardier plants.

CHAR+BioChar can help to balance pH levels in the soil, reducing
acidification and ensuring healthier plant growth. With more
balanced pH levels, plants absorb more nutrients, leading
to better growth and increased yields.

A Few Additional Applications For BioChar


Animal Farming

  • Silage Agent
  • Feed Additive
  • Litter Additive
  • Manure Slurry
  • Treatment
  • Composting


  • Insulation
  • Air Decontamination
  • Humidity Regulation
  • Concrete Additive
  • Plaster & Mortar
  • Asphalt

Waste Water

  • Active Carbon Filter
  • Rain Screen Water Systems
  • Composting Toilet Additive
  • Septic Field Treatment
  • Grey Water Systems
  • Sewage Slurry Treatment

Biogas Production

  • Biomass Additive
  • Biogas


  • Additive for Soil Remediation
    (mining & military)
  • Soil Substrate
    (treatment for heavy metals)

A Global Problem & Mother Nature’s Solution

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