Healthy Soil Equals Healthy Plants

Argo Living Soils specializes in producing and developing soil amendments, living soils, and biofertilizers. Moreover, we work on natural pesticides, and fungicides, vermicomposting, and compost tea kits formulated specifically for high value crops.

Argo Living Soils establishes and encourages the diverse microbiology found in the soil food web. Utilizing these components creates a natural solution to improving soil health and nutrition. Subsequently, your plants receive everything they need to grow.

We have found a way to turn organic waste into a natural, stable, plant fertilizer. Our unique, scientific recipe cycles, the essential nutrients are in prosperous soil and is fueled by purposefully selected ingredients. The result provides maximum water retention. More organic matter and soil composition guarantees that plants are able to achieve quality growth. They are inoculated against harmful pathogens. 


Argo CFO Vermicast Specialty Fertilizer

100% ORGANIC- Rich in mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial insects 

Benefits of using Argo CFO Vermicast Specialty Fertilizer

Enable plants to reach full growth potential

Sustain growth while minimizing fertilizer use

Reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides

Condition soils to self- resist pests and fungi

Increased water retention


The secret to well-fertilized soil has been under our feet the whole time. 

Healthy, living soil bursts with microbes and diversity, naturally taking care of quality plant growth. 


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