Organic Batteries Could Be Next

At the forefront of research into biochar applications,some of the most intriguing possibilities for using biochar in high-capacity battery technology include research into supercapacitors, battery applications, and hydrogen storage.

Biochar is versatile enough to have a porous structure with good surface area, graphitization and surface functions, all of which are important for optimal performance as an energy storage medium.

For example, the New Journal Of Chemistry reports that when creating a biochar electrode made from an apricot shell, the energy capacity was nearly 88% of the energy from a conventional supercapacitor. Further analysis also showed that after 10,000 battery cycles of charging and discharging, the biochar still had a high energy retention, retaining over 99.5% capacity.

Key Points

  • Biochar capacitor electrodes from an apricot shell had an energy capacity of 88% that of a conventional supercapacitor.
  • Biochar retained 99.5% of its energy capacity, even after charging and discharging for 10,000 battery cycles.