What Are Beneficial Insects? 

Beneficial insects are a variety of insects that perform services like pollination and pest control. Having beneficial insects in your garden or greenhouse acts as an all-natural pest control strategy and eliminates the need for harsh, unnecessary chemicals and pesticides while maintaining the ecological balance within the environment.


Beneficial Insects In The Garden And The Greenhouse: The First Line of Defense

Whether you are cultivating in an open field, hydroponic greenhouse, or a personal garden in your backyard, all plants can fall prey to a variety of pests that can threaten your crop. All pose a serious threat to whatever species you plant and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

Argo CFO Vermicasts (CSE: ARGO | OTCQB: ARLSF) contain a host of viable beneficial insects, the most active among them being predatory mites, AKA Neoseiulus cucumeris.  

This predatory mite attacks all sorts of critters that may feed on your plants, like fungus gnats, spider mites, root aphids and root-eating nematodes, as well as thrips. Just the mere presence of these beneficial mites in vermicastings will greatly reduce the cost of your pest management programs.

Thrips, also known as thunder flies, in particular, like to dine on a wide range of plants, draining them of vital cells and then moving on to their next victim. They also transmit plant-borne viruses on occasion, making them a double threat. 

The beneficial insects like Neoseiulus cucumeris contained in Argo CFO Vermicasts help eliminate these and other dangers, working hard behind the scenes to defend your crops, around the clock, so you don’t have to.

Argo CFO Vermicasts are valued by growers because they add and facilitate:

  • Plant Growth and Vigor
  • Increased Nutrient Cycling
  • Increased Water Retention
  • Enhanced Soil Biology

This means less time that growers have to spend worrying about intensive biological pest control. 

Pest-free, stress-free growing means livelier, healthier results for your plantings, and fewer headaches for you!



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